I always told myself that "someday" I wanted to get involved in
Cavalier Rescue, but like many things I put it on the back
burner.  When one of the Cavalier rescue organizations
needed a home visit done in my area, I didn't hesitate to
respond.  From there another rescue organization found me
and asked for help fostering a dog they had taken in.  

A rescue dog is not for everyone and that's OK.  However, if
you have ever considered giving a dog another chance to
have a happy life through rescue or are willing to help foster
or transport, please contact

Ray Guarascio
Director District VI ACKCSC Rescue Trust


American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club Rescue Trust
Our Lucky Star foster, Cooper (formerly
known as Prince), arrived on March 25,
2007.  He stayed with us for a few weeks
and then went to his new home.  He has
quickly learned how wonderful life can
The American Cavalier King
Charles Spaniel Club Rescue
Trust is in need of donations.  
In the past year there has been
an increase in Cavaliers coming
into Rescue.  
If you already own a Cavalier or love
the breed, please consider making a tax
deductible donation to the Rescue
Trust.  You can find more information