I feel so fortunate to be living my dream.  It would not have been possible
without the help, guidance and support of many people.   

To my "not-a-dog-person" husband and chief kennel assistant, THANK YOU for
putting up with and helping me while I follow my dream. You are a Champion in
my heart.  

To my children, THANK YOU for helping at home, in training and at shows.  
Follow your passion.

I cherish the friends I have made in the Cavalier world. We come from all walks
of life, but our love for this breed is our common bond.

I doubt I would have gotten a start without
Jennifer Wehking of St Jon
.  THANK YOU for being my friend and mentor, holding my hand  (long
distance even!), and trusting me with the wonderful dogs I have received from
you.  Thanks also for a ton of fun down South and introducing me to even more
Cavalier people.

Julie Brienen makes me laugh or smile at least once a day.  Not only is she a
cherished friend (actually she has become part of our family), but she puts up
with my driving ( and much, much more!)

Through my membership and involvement in my local All Breed club over the
past several years, I have made many new friends  that own various breeds of
dogs and have learned so much.  I was president of the Badgerland Cavalier
King Charles Spaniel Club which is a regional breed club, for 6 years.  The club
members are very supportive of each other and the breed.

Showing my Cavaliers in conformation has opened up a whole new world to
me. I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and am always eager to learn
more to hopefully do my part to help improve/maintain this wonderful breed.  I
spend a good amount of my time on the phone talking to those who are
interested in learning about Cavaliers. It is my pleasure to add to the education
of all who are interested.

Few people in this world are lucky enough to do what they
I am truly blessed.

2012 Update:  My husband retired at the end of 2011 and in these economic
times it became my turn to bring home a paycheck.  I work for Portage County
operating a branch library.  Thankfully my husband is still my biggest supporter
and takes good care of the dogs while I am at work.  

I am also going to my first obedience class with Mango, a 7 month old ruby
puppy out of Breely.  I have been toying with the idea of branching out from
conformation showing, so hopefully this is the first step in that direction.

Aug. 2016 Update:  The last year has brought us great joy with the birth of our
first grandbaby as well as health challenges for both Joe and I.  I haven't gone
to nearly as many dog shows and we just had our first litter in a year.  At this
point in my life I am enjoying a nice balance of activities and right now that suits
me.  We never know what the future will hold so it's best to live one day at a
time and do what you love.  For me, that still includes dogs (always looking for
that next show puppy!), but not to the exclusion of other things.

Maureen Pogorzelski