Lyricc Meet Me In Queens, TKN

Queenie knew from early on that she royalty. When teaching her to walk on a leash, in our campus neighborhood, I would have to carry her until she saw students. Only after she was greeted warmly by her adoring subjects would she walk, proudly, on her leash.

Queenie is a full sister to Sky, and is a year younger. Queenie had her first litter in November 2020.

Julsavanna Forged In Fire at Lyricc


We welcomed Milo, as a puppy, in the autumn of 2019 and quickly fell under his spell. He is a wonderful combination of sweetness and spunk. He has recently started his conformation show career and has been in the ribbons often.

Many thanks to the late Julie Brienen of Julsavanna Cavaliers for this boy.